the best place to start to re-think the whole issue of the risk of harm from drinking raw milk

one of the best for comprehensive information on this topic
Campaign for REAL MILK

Idaho Dairy


excellent website with extensive info about REAL MILK and its production, by people who are doing it
Canadian group facilitating political and practical activities, advocating legalization of raw milk for human consumption
James Mclaren's website = one of the pioneers in Canada

In La Belle Province de Quebec

artisanal cheesemaker & teacher


making butter at home
for REAL MILK in Washington State
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REAL MILK in California
California Raw Milk Association
REAL MILK source in Arizona --------


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 My goal with is to help dispel the myths that have sprung up around one of Nature's most perfect foods.   I promise to ferret out the science as far from corporate spin as possible to bring you the "raw truth."

Michigan Working Group on Fluid Unprocessed Milk - gathering the scientific evidence
========================== is your source for safe, healthy, natural and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry, pork, dairy and other wild edibles. This website provides:

  • A direct link to local farms that supply all-natural, delicious, grass-fed products
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Preserving the people's right to choose the healthy foods they want, through education and activism."

Protect your Right to Choose Raw Dairy

Right To Choose Healthy Food, a not-for-profit organization formed by nutritional scientist, nutritionist and author Aajonus Vonderplanitz and citizens, educates people about laws enacted or pursued that have, or will, severely limit people's choices regarding health that order people to follow a path toward disease. Also, Right To Choose Healthy Food may take legal action against food producers that make false claims about the production of their product(s), misrepresenting their product(s).

This Website has been established to educate the public about a very important issue to our health: the issue of high-quality, raw dairy. Although it may seem hard to imagine that the government would outlaw raw dairy, in most states this has already happened. Most of the public think that the government has acted in our best interests by requiring all milk to be processed by pasteurization and other methods. However, the only people who benefit directly from these laws are the businesses selling dairy. It increases their profit but depletes everyone's health. To learn more about this, please read everything on this website. Thank you for visiting our website. We truly care about your health.


Aajonus' links page to more websites advocating  REAL MILK


Kimberly Hartke website all about REAL MILK and more : one of the best




this is the transcript of evidence given by expert witnesses Ted Beals and Ron Hull  in a California Court, concerning the risks with raw milk


First-hand testimony about production of immune milk and healing effect

Jerry Brunetti seminar videos   Food as Medicine Part 1 & Part 2
> <>

Journal of Whole Foods and Nutritional Health

all about colostrum .... if other sites start talking about pasteurzing and freeze-drying, forget it. What you want is the real thing = fresh, whole, raw liquid colostrum from a cow raised as organically as possible
Cows maintained in commercial dairies don't get what it takes to make premium colostrum
excellent article by Weston A Price Foundation, giving scientific scrutiny to anti-raw milk propaganda
Abstracts on the effect of pasteurization upon milk
very good websites explaining antigen specific transfer agent, also known as  Immune milk / hyper-immune milk





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