Bacteria is not the Problem

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I agree, David, that the New Yorker  RAW DEAL article was,  so far,  more favorable to our right to have the foods we want in a major magazine, including raw milk but the details of the article are not so favorable.  Everyone continues to argue bacteria.   Bacteria is not the problem.


I do not understand why the author reiterated the fraudulent disease-“statistics” from CDC, health department, university and processed-food employees and investors as if the statistics were based on science and fact, especially since they possess such a superstitious prejudice against raw milk. I gave her research that proved calling bacteria the food problem is an intentional misdirection and a way for government/industry to gain control of our food.


The misinformation starts with the Pasteur info, was stated as if it were case history. The Sorbonne's Pasteur Institute of the time was hot on the heels of Pasteur's heat-process that stopped the molding of his friend's wine grapes, thereby saving his friend's land that he would have lost if his grapes were not made into wine and sold.   The Sorbonne jumped on Pasteur's coattails at the time to ride the notoriety as if they had helped Pasteur with his idea. However, they gave credibility to each other, captured the ears and lips of Europe with the publicity that pasteurization arrested the mold in picked grapes. The medical community jumped on the bandwagon stating that Pasteur's process proved that germs caused disease as well as molds, and that they could be stopped.


However, it was not widely publicized that the wine was abominable to the connoisseur, not sold at posh markets and restaurants but sold to the impoverished who normally could not afford wine. The grower nor Pasteur would drink it. The pasteurized wine was of tainted quality mainly because of pasteurization. It was sold cheap, but it sold.


The affluent class that experienced failed wine crops in their past, now had a market for a processed cheap and inferior food in case mold grew in their grapes. They would never suffer a complete loss again. The market was the trusting poor public in Paris that thought they were getting a drink from the rich man's table. It was sold and marketed as such. There were many reports of illness from consumption of the pasteurized wine, including irrational behavior, increased home and job accidents and violence. Pasteurization alters enzymes, minerals and trace fats that would normally restrict the quickest absorption of radical sugars and alcohol that often cause undesirable personality alterations.


While being interviewed for almost 2 hours for this article, I explained to the author how the CDC and health departments base their statistics about raw-milk borne disease on surveys not science. That should have been obvious when it could have been verified that Organic Pasture's milk did not cause those children's illnesses because there was none of that bacteria in the milk. Bacteria in a calf that does not produce milk, and the fact that that bacteria does not survive airborne, should be enough facts to demonstrate that the illnesses were not caused by the raw milk they consumed but something else.


Also, the girls who were obviously sick and hospitalized in San Diego – whose sicknesses were caused by something other than Organic Pastures' raw milk - received massive amounts of antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin that caused kidney disorders exactly like those of HUS in laboratory animals. Therefore, it was likely the antibiotics in such massive concentrations that caused the kidney damage, not the bacteria for which the suffering girls were being treated, and wrongly blamed on raw milk. The article misleads every reader to believe that raw milk caused and causes illnesses because it falsely presumes that raw milk is innately prone to "bad" bacteria. It seems that even David and Mark believe it.


Utilizing the statement from a health "authority" that pasteurization makes milk safe was a blatant falsehood. The word "claim" did not appear before that statement. In the history of pasteurized milk, there have been over 500,000 cases of scientifically-proved incidences of food-poisoning, literally epidemics, one involving 197,000 people. Raw milk is condemned by accusations - not science but surveys and statistics.


When a doctor or hospital reports bloody vomit or diarrhea, usually it is 2-12 weeks after the incident that a health-department clerk calls the person who suffered and asks what they ate when they got sick. Who remembers all that they ate yesterday much less weeks after an intense illness?   If the person states that they drank raw milk, raw milk is automatically determined to be the cause. That is not science but prejudicial survey-spinnable false statistics. CDC and others certainly spin it, creating misleading statistics.


Technically, we should not call vomit and diarrhea sicknesses. We should call them what they are. A person's body rejects something that is toxic with vomit or diarrhea. Those are not sicknesses but detoxification of something poisonous.  If the tests were done to detect industrial chemicals in the vomit and diarrhea instead of the microbes, we would have a proper answer of their causes.


I have seen literally thousands of very sick individuals recover from disease by drinking raw dairy and eating raw meats. I do not know how "investigative" journalists sleep at night with their poor research. Seems nothing is very thoroughly investigated and the status-quo concepts continue to be regurgitated and accepted as unquestionable truth. A proper investigation would entail a study of the children and elderly who completely recovered from their illnesses while drinking raw milk. A good comparative study would entail children and elderly who remained trapped in their diseases while not drinking raw milk but taking medical drugs that offer no cure or proper healing.


Take for example Walker Kerhrer who was an asthmatic boy on medication. At 7 years old, he stopped taking his medicine and began consuming raw milk. At 8 years old in 2001, he testified before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors that before he drank raw milk he suffered terrible asthma and that when he did not have his raw milk, he suffered terrible asthma. In 2009, Walker was the top high school tennis champion in the USA. From asthma to tennis champion; will that fact be filed away in the minds of the medical and university-indoctrinated minds as anecdotal information? How will you file it?


Notice that the New Yorker article stated that my recovery from blood, bone, lymphatic and stomach cancers were merely my personal claims. She could have easily researched the truth by seeking the records at the hospitals where I was treated. She didn't ask for proof. I could have shown her and given her photos of my surgical scars to verify but she did not ask and I did not think to offer. I have a letter written by one of my doctors 44 years ago that berated me for discontinuing chemo-treatments with a 1% chance of living miserably for one more month. In the letter, the doctor tried to emotionally manipulate me into continuing a process that caused me to vomit, defecate and urinate all over myself 5-20 times daily. Such doctors are insane. From medical treatments, I was a hairless worm on the floor in excruciating pain 24 hours daily, only able to sleep 6-10 minutes before I would awaken in greater excruciating pain. I suffered other severe side effects from all of the medical treatments.


However, when I began drinking raw milk and raw carrot juice, my symptoms immediately began to diminish little by little. After a while, I notice that when I drank more raw milk than carrot juice, I experienced less pain. When I drank more carrot juice than raw milk, I suffered more. I was able to achieve a measurable balance. The correlation between foods and health became very apparent to me even though doctors were in complete denial about it. To them, only pharmaceuticals - industrial chemicals - favorably altered health.


ALL health departments and universities are controlled by medically-indoctrinated propaganda instituted by the money and power of the pharmaceutical industry. They have only drops of objectivity when it comes to their brainwashed bacteria-phobic thought processes.


Every bodily process occurs by the interaction of numerous species of bacteria, inter-cellularly, extra-cellularly, and bodily fluids, including all of the activities in and of the body. We are 150 bacteria genes to every 1 human gene. We are about 1/2% human and 99.5% bacteria. The concept that bacteria cause diseases is called the germ-theory. It entails the ludicrous notion that a tiny colony of certain terrorist bacteria can willy-nilly overwhelm the body, even cause the body to attack itself. That is as accurate as a small village of 200 natives with primitive weapons arresting and annihilating all of the people in the United States of America. That sort of phenomenon only happens in fictional movies. It is an absurdity. Why do people believe it? Because our minds are literally turned against natural fact.


The bacteria that is being accused of causing diseases (so-called "patho-genic") are actually cellular janitors. They clean up organic waste. We all have varieties of bacteria that digest (disassemble), construct (reassemble) and cleanse (collect waste, neutralize toxins, and select reusable waste and discard waste that is not reusable).


When laboratory technicians put live animal cells in an unnatural industrial chemical fluid environment that sustains cellular life it also denigrates the cells simultaneously. Cells that are not in their natural biological fluids degenerate and/or transmogrify.

The bacteria that are naturally part of the cleansing of such degeneration are propagated within the cells, coming out of hibernation so-to-speak to eat and/or transform the chemically damaged tissue of the cells. In cases wherein the chemical environment causes mutations, bacterial genes are transmogrified and resultantly so are the cells. In laboratories, Petri-dish observers see that the cells are being eaten, dissolved or transmogrified by the cleansing (janitorial) bacteria and say, "See, those cells are causing cellular disruption and dissolution. They cause disease." The naturally-occurring followup thinking becomes, " How can we make money off of this? Let's create millions of weapons of mass destruction that we will call antibiotics, antiseptics and antimicrobials. We'll make a fortune."


Do we blame the janitors for the waste they clean in our homes and offices? Do we blame the janitors who clean the pollution that mutates our janitors and gives them diseases? Some day soon, I hope that people will awaken and realize that industrial chemicals, including those formed by cooking and processing, cause all diseases. We must stop blaming bacteria or we will never understand our bodies. Bacteria are never the problem.


However, bacterial waste can be highly toxic when bacteria are fed foods containing industrial chemicals. Take for instance, intestinal bacteria that are supposed to be 90% of digestion. They eat the food we eat. Their waste is our food that we absorb. Their feces, urine and perspiration are our foods. When the bacteria eat foods with gross toxins, they release those toxins as a natural product of the toxic food.


Bacteria are not to blame for our diseases. The chemical farmers and processors are to blame. If people acknowledge those facts, who would they find to buy non-organic and processed food, and medical drugs? Our politicians and business people say the economy is at stake so to hell with health, let's keep up the economy. Is the economy more important than living in a healthy body? That is a question each of us must answer.


The drugs that cause most disease are vaccines. Every ingredient is toxic in every vaccine. There are not exceptions. Together, the ingredients are a soup of toxins that have no proof of effectiveness for preventing the disease for which they are given. However, there are volumes of science that prove those toxins cause illness and disease in laboratory animals.


The reason that those toxins in vaccines may seem to work in some people is that the body stops the janitorial bacteria from cleaning old organic waste and accumulated toxins. Instead, most bodies focus on the immediate toxins from vaccines. It will take a body many years to handle, neutralize, eliminate or store those toxins from a direct injection of toxic fluids. So the normal diseases that result from toxic living are temporarily subdued but increasing.


The body responds to most drugs the same way, temporary cessation of disease symptoms but increased toxicity that leads to greater disease. The people who benefit are all of those who invest and work in medically-related fields while decaying the health of people. If everyone were healthy, medical-related businesses and employees would be out of business and work.


Only if you are sick, do they profit. Do you really think they want you healthy? Those who want people to be healthy yet continue to work in the medical fields are in total denial and ignorant of the results of what they really do.


I want to return to the article Raw Deal. The author and/or editors failed to investigate the validity of Sharon Palmer's response that all of the thousands of dollars of commercial food she bought were sold to restaurants, inferring that they were not sold or distributed at farmers' markets or Rawesome.  Did the author contact the restaurants and verify Palmer's statement? Did the author and fact checkers fail to contact the employees who testified that the commercial food Palmer bought were sold at farmers' markets and Rawesome. They testified that Palmer sold those commercial foods as being truly organic and/or Grass-fed food.


When I speak of organic, I do not refer to the USDA's corrupt version of organic that allows hundreds of industrial chemicals to enter the grounds that grow plants and animals for food as long as it does not exceed 15%. Fifteen percent chemicals can and does cause massive harm to animal cells, most often gradually but sometimes immediately. Those are the chemically-laced commercial foods that Palmer peddled as truly organically and/or grass-fed raised-on-her-farm products. Go to:

 to see much of the facts in this case.


James Stewart was complicit in distributing that commercial toxic food to all Rawesome's trusting members. I am witness to that for the many times he lied to me for 2 years. James went off track many years ago and let's hope he gets back on track, at least with his own foods. I will never trust him again to handle my foods. For 2 years, he told me repeatedly that Sharon's products were completely organic by my standards and completely raised on Sharon's farm. He stated I was being irrational and ridiculous to question the quality of those foods. Often he screamed at me at Rawesome in front of many members. The investigators that were hired and the Los Angeles City investigators found that Sharon had peddled the commercial foods for at least 2 years to Rawesome members and people at farmer's markets.


James Stewart and Sharon Palmer robbed, cheated and stole from all Rawesome members. The worst of their actions was that they harmed the health of people who consumed those chemically tainted foods. They harmed the people with the very products that members joined Rawesome to avoid.


I have been criticized and ostracized for reporting Stewart's and Palmer's criminal behavior to law enforcement. Stewart and Palmer left me no choice. I approached them about the quality of foods produced at Sharon's farm numerous times in 2 years but most often they yelled at me. If I hadn't arranged for the independent investigation and stopped them, members would still be defrauded into consuming the poison members thought they were avoiding at very high prices FOR 2 YEARS - not some isolated incident.

Furthermore, James Stewart does not have any significant experience in farming. His experience involved acquiring food and food sales. He is not the protector that he purports to be. He simply peddles the food for which others establish quality.


I worked very hard to achieve the best quality of food possible by working with our Amish farmers who supplied Rawesome. I visited the farms in Pennsylvania. They changed their farming habits to accommodate exactly what I found was best because it was common sense farming. However, it is only common sense when you extricate your mind from agricultural-brainwashing produced by the food and chemical industries. Under Right To Choose Healthy Food, I contracted the farmers to grow and deliver our food in the safest manner possible for our times with the most nutrition.


People need to realize that Stewart has harmed our food-movement immeasurably. He did not leave me a choice but to stop him the way I did. If he had truly been about our right-to-food-choices movement, he would not have supplied toxic commercial food and sold it a high prices to people he had contracted with to not supply those industrial foods for 2 YEARS. Additionally, he did not take the brave approach as the farmers Vernon Hershberger and Michael Schmidt did. Vernon and Michael were ready to go to jail for the well-fare of their food-club members and all of our rights to healthy food. Michael was ready to die for them.


James, however, opted to take actions to save himself, resulting in the closing of our club, depriving us of Rawesome and put all other raw food clubs in the country in jeopardy. For other people's sake, I hope that James Stewart has changed for the better if ever in the future he supplies food to people who care for their health. I will not trust him to handle my food. How could I trust a supposed friend who knowingly defrauded and poisoned my patients and other Rawesome members, including me, for 2 years with the chemically tainted commercial foods Sharon fraudulently peddled as grown on her tiny "family" farm? If people earn trust, have Stewart and Palmer earned our trust?


In closing, our food safety should not be predicated on the notion of bacteria, species of bacteria or bacterial behavior. The safety and quality of our food should be solely based on absence of industrial chemicals in food that causes diseases, even if those chemicals do their damage ever so slowly for the purpose of growing fast, pretty food with long shelve lives. What is more important?

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, ph.d nutrition


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Bovine Colostrum



The American Journal Of Natural Medicine
March 1998/Vol.5, No.2

Clinical Applications: Bovine Colostrum As Immune System Modulator

by Zoltan Rona, M.D.

In the past two years, healthcare practitioners have been hearing a great deal about bovine colostrum, a relatively new food supplement intended to optimize the immune systems of both healthy and chronically ill individuals. Testimonials, anecdotal reports, as well as the marketing efforts of several supplement manufacturers and distributors have generated much of the excitement about colostrum.

The past 20 years has also witnessed the publication of over 2,000 research papers that strongly support both colostrum and its numerous components. The purpose of this paper is to review the scientific evidence for the clinical application of a promising immune system modulator.

In Colostrum, Life's First Food, Dr. Daniel G. Clark's basic message, as printed on the back cover of his book, is that bovine colostrum "rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacteria." ", and fungi, accelerates healing of all body tissue, helps lose weight, burn fat, increase bone and lean muscle mass, and slows down and even reverses aging," According to Clark and well-known naturopathic physician Dr. Bernard Jensen", colostrum plays a therapeutic role in AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, herpes"', bacterial", viral, and parasitic' infections, gingivitis, colds, the flu, and much more. Colostrum has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and provides many vitamins, minerals, enzymes,
and amino acids.

Colostrum Rediscovered

Historically, Ayurvedic physicians in India have used bovine colostrum therapeutically for thousands of years. In the United States and throughout the world, conventional doctors used it for antibiotic purposes prior to the introduction of sulfa drugs and penicillin. In the early 1950s, colostrum was prescribed extensively for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In 1950, Dr. Albert Sabin, the polio vaccine developer, discovered that colostrum contained antibodies against polio and recommended it for children susceptible to catching polio.

Bovine colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals, including man. It is much higher in immune factors than human mother's colostrum.

What Is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the mammary secretion a mammal provides its newborn within the first 24 to 48 hours. It contains numerous immune system and growth factors as well as essential nutrients, trypsin, and protease inhibitors that protect it from destruction in the gastrointestional (GI) tract. It is estimated that colostrum triggers at least 50 processes in the newborn.

Bovine colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals, including man. It is much higher in immune factors than human mother's colostrum. Laboratory analyses of immune and growth factors from bovine colostrum are identical to those found in human colostrum, except that the levels of these factors are significantly higher in the bovine version. For example, human colostrum contains 2% of IgG (the most important of the immuno-globulins found in the body), while bovine colostrum contains 86% of IgG.

In addition, bovine colostrum contains a blocking hormone to prevent the calf from becoming sensitized to its own mother's immune factors. Studies indicate that all species, including man, benefit from the immune-boosting properties of bovine colostrum, with no reports of allergic or anaphylactic reactions to date.

This compound is in a very limited supply because colostrum is only available for a day or two after calving. The needs of the newborn calf must be met first, and only high-quality colostrum is taken from cows that have been certified free of antibiotics, pesticides, and synthetic hormones. colostrum must be processed at low temperatures so the immune and growth factors remain biologically viable.

Major Colostrum Components

The most important components of colostrum can basically be broken down into two major categories: immune system factors and growth factors. Drug manufacturers have tried to copy (genetically engineer ) and market several of the individual components of colostrum, most notably interferon, gamma globulin, growth hormone, IgF-1, and protease inhibitors. Biotechnology companies are currently selling IgF-1 for as much as $800 per 50 cc vial, Some of the following colostrum components may very well be next on the list of "major breakthroughs" by the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industry:

Immunoglobulins (A, D, E, G, and M) are the most abundant of the immune factors found in colostrum. IgG neutralizes toxins and microbes in the lymph and circulatory system. IgM destroys bacteria, while IgE and IgD are highly antiviral.

Lactoferrin is an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, iron-binding protein with therapeutic effects in cancer, HIV, cytomegalo-virus, herpes", chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida albicans; and other infections. Lactoferrin helps deprive bacteria of the iron they require to reproduce, and it also releases iron into the red blood cells, enhancing oxygenation of tissues. Lactoferrin modulates cytokine release, and its receptors have been found on most immune cells, including lymphocytes, monocytcs, macrophages, and platelets.

Proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) is a hormone that regulates the thymus gland, stimulating an underactive immune system. It also helps down-regulate an overactive immune,system, as seen in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and allergies.

Growth Factors include epithelial growth factor (EgF), insulin-like growth factor-I and II (IGF-1 and IGF-II), fibroblast growth tactor (FgF), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factors A & B (TgA and B), and growth hormones (GH).

These all help stimulate cell and tissue growth by stimulating DNA formation." Genetically engineered versions of IGF-1 and GH are now marketed as anti-aging and AIDS drugs, They are found naturally and in high concentrations in colostrum. Several studies show that these growth factors are capable of increasing T-cell production, accelerating healing, balancing blood glucose levels, reducing insulin need, increasing muscle and bone growth and repair, and metabolizing fat for fuel.

A 1990 study in The New Enqland Journal of Medicine concluded that GH treatment prevented some of the signs of aging. In his study, Dr. Daniel Rudman treated 26 men between the ages of 61 and 80 with GH. Patients experienced a decrease in overall body fat (up to 14%) and an increase in bone density and lean muscle mass. In addition, their skin was thicker and more elastic. Rudman said the changes were equivalent to those incurred over a 10- to 20-year period of aging. However, Rudman administered GH via injection. There's no evidence that ingesting it through the GI tract would offer similar benefits.

Clinical Applications

For symptomatic adults, clinicians usually prescribe 1,000 to 2,000 my twice daily of the dried, encapsulated form of colostrum, best taken on an empty stomach with eight to 12 ounces of water. Preventive doses have not been established, but several authors recommend continuous dosing at levels the consumer/patient has decided upon. For those who show no clinical response to colostrum, the dosage can safely be doubled or even tripled as needed until the desired results are obtained. Children can also take colostrum, but require proportioniately less. Herxheimer reactions (mainly flu-like symptoms) can occur in up to 40% of the cases, but are usually mild and disappear with continued supplementation at the same dosage level.

Through hundreds of years of use and over 1,000 clinical studies, colostrum has been demonstrated to be completely safe, without drug interactions or side effects at any level of ingestion. The following clinical conditions have been well-documented to respond favorably to colostrum supplementation:

Viral Illnesses

The GI component of the immune system produces about 75% of the antibodies in the human system, The ability of AIDS/HIV patients to fight infectious disease is severelv compromised, partially due to damage to the gut from chronic inflammation and diarrhea. Several recent studies report colostrum's role in the reversal of this chronic problem, stemming from opportunistic infections like Candida albicans, cryptosporidia, rotavirus, herpes simplex, pathogenic strains of E.coli, and intestinal flu infections. Colostrum handles all gut pathogens well without side effects. Colostrum is composed of numerous factors with strong antiviral activity, especially the immuno-globulins, lactoferrin, and the cytokines.

Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

PRP from colostrum can work as a regulatory substance of the thymus gland." It has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate symptomatology of both allergies and autoimmune diseases (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis). PRP inhibits the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells and reduces the major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune disease; pain, swelling and inflammation

Colostrum lactalbumin has been found to be able to cause the selective death (apoptosis) of cancer cells, leaving the surrounding non- cancerous tissues unaffected.'"

Heart Disease

Altered immunity may be the hidden cause of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, For example, a type of chlamydia has been associated with arterial plaque formation in over 79% of patients with heart disease. A recent New England Journal of Medicine article indicatcd that heart disease is partially the result of immune sensitization to cardiac antigens. Immune-system-mediated injury results in myocarditis, with lymphocytes and macrophages being the predominant infiltrating cells. Colustrum PRP may have a role in reversing heart disease very much like it does with allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Additionally, IgF-1 and GH in colostrum can lower LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol concentrations. Colostrum growth factors promote the repair and regeneration of heart muscle and the regeneration of new blood vessels for collateral coronary circulation.


The 1985 Steven Rosenberg book, Quiet Strides in the War on Cancer, first popularized the benefits of cytokines in the treatment of cancer. Since that time, the same cytokines found in colostrum (interleukins 1, 6, 10, interferon G, and lymphokines) have been the single most researched protocols in scientific research for the cure for cancer.

Colostrum lactalbumin has been found to be able to cause the selective death (apoptosis) of cancer cells, leaving the surrounding ¯noncancerous tissues unaffected. Lactoferrin has similarly been reported to possess anti-cancer activity.

The mix of immune and growth factors in colostrum can inhibit the spread of cancer cells. If viruses are involved in either the initiation or the spread of cancer, colostrum could prove to be one of the best ways to prevent the disease in the first place.


Juvenile diabetes (Type I, insulin dependent) is thought to result from an autoimmune mechanism, possibly initiated by an allergic reaction to the protein GAD found in cow's milk. Colostrum contains several factors that can offset this and other allergies.

Colostrum IgE-1 can bind to both the insulin and IgF-1 rcceptors found on all cells. Human trials in 1990 reported that IgF-1 stimulates glucose utilization, effectively treating acute hypoglycemia and lessening a Type II diabetic's dependence on insulin.

Weight-loss Programs

The body requires IgF-1 to metabolize fat for energy through the Krebs cycle, With aging, less IgF-1 is produced in the body. Inadequate levels are associated with an increased incidence of Type II diabetes and difficulty in losing weight despite a proper nutritional intake and adequate exercise, Colostrum provides a good source of IgF-1 as a complementary therapy for successful weight loss.

Athletic Stress

Exhaustive workouts and athletic competition can temporarily depress the immune system, decreasing the number of I-lymphocytes and NK cells, Athletes are therefore more prone to developing infections, including chronic fatigue syndrome. Many of colostrum's immune factors can help significantly reduce the number and severity of infections caused by both physical and emotional stress.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

One of the major benefits of colostrum supplementation is enhanced gut efficiency, due to the many immune enhancers that control clinical and subclinical GI infections. Colostral growth factors also play a role by keeping the intestinal mucosa sealed and impermeable to toxins. This is evidenced by colostrum's ability to control chronic diarrhea caused by gut inflammation related to dysbiosis.

Healing leaky gut syndrome reduces toxic load and helps reverse many allergic and autoimmune conditions. For the healthy individual or athlete in training, colostrum supplementation enhances the efficiency of the intestine's uptake of amino acid and carbohydrate fuel, More nutrients are made available for muscle cells and other vital tissues and organs. One of the reasons for the energy boost seen in most healthy individuals who use supplemental colostrum, is its ability to improve nutrient availability and correct subclinical leaky gut syndrome.

Wound Healing

Several colostrum components stimulate wound healing." Nucleotides, EgF, TgF, and IgF-1 stimulate skin growth md cellular growth and repair by direct action on DNA and RVA. These growth factors facilitate the healing of tissues damaged by ulcers, trauma, burns, surgery, or inflammatory disease, Colostrum's wound-healing properties specifically benefit the skin, muscle, cartilage, bone, and reserve cells. Powdered colostrum can be applied topically to gingivitis, sensitive teeth, aphthous ulcers, cuts, abrasions, and burns after they have been cleaned once disinfected.

Quality Control

The best quality colostrum is produced organically and is free of pesticides, herbicides, anabolic hormones like rBST, steroids, antibiotics, and other chemicals. Not all colostrum products on the market are biologically active. This is because of improper processing through the use of high temperatures and pasteurization or the formation of colostrum into tablets. This method requires high pressure and generates heat, destroying biological activity. Colostrum in liquid form is also less than ideal. It is not as concentrated as the powdered versions of the product, must be kept refrigerated due to its short shelf life, and preservatives must be added that further dilute and destroy its biological capabilities.


Furnished upon request

Zoltan Rona,M.D., is a graduate of McGill University Medical School and has a master's degree in Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. For the past 18 years he has held a private practice in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Rona is the author of the best-sellers The Joy of Health and Return To The Joy Of Health. His latest book is Childhood Illness and The Allergy Connection.


link to Affidavit of Dr Ted Beals, entered in Supreme Court of British Columbia as part of constitutional challenge to the regulation which outlaws raw milk for human consumption in BC


Butter, Vitamin D and the X-Factor of Dr Price : by Royal Lee

Dr. Royal Lee – scientist, inventor and nutrition researcher – is probably best known as the founder of Standard Process Laboratories, which specializes in the formulation of natural vitamins derived from food sources. This article, from the Lee Foundation for nutritional Research, comes from the collection of Joseph Connolly, late husband of Patricia Connolly and one of the founders of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

The special nutritional factors present in butter as known up to 1942 are without question. It was shown that butter has the following characteristics of superiority over other fats and oleomargarine imitations:

The nation’s best source of vitamin A

Unit for unit, the vitamin A in butter was three times as effective as the vitamin A in fish liver oils. The natural vitamin D in butter was found 100 times as effective as the common commercial form of D (viosterol). Butter, prescribed by physicians as a remedy for tuberculosis, psoriasis, xerophthalmia, dental caries, and in preventing rickets, has been promptly effective.

Butter carries vitamin E in sufficient quantity to prevent deficiency reactions. Since that time, new and important evidence has accumulated which indicates other nutritional functions supplied by butter. This evidence appears to revolve around the physiological ramifications of the effects of the vitamin E complex. Up to the present, vitamin E has been considered a tocopherol, and its function analyzed as nothing more than a physiological anti-oxidant.

It now appears evident that the real vitamin E is that factor in the E complex that is being protected from oxidation by the tocopherol group, and that the same mistake has been made in attributing E activity to tocopherols as in the case of the promotion of pure viosterol as vitamin D, ascorbic acid as vitamin C, niacin as the anti-pellagra vitamin, pyridoxine as B6, or folic acid as the anti-pernicious anemia fraction of liver. In each case the isolation of one factor as the “vitamin” in question has embarrassed the discoverer, in his assumption that he had discovered the “pot of gold” at the rainbow’s end, by the attribution of vitamin activity to some synthetic or pure crystalline component of a natural complex. No reasonable student of nutrition can today deny the axiom that all vitamins are complexes and cannot exert their normal physiological effect other than as the complete complex, as found in natural foods.

The true vitamin E is found in the chromatin material of the germinal tissues of plant and animal, and in young plants that are in a state of rapid growth. It seems to be a phospholipid carrying a special fatty acid in combination that has heretofore traveled under the cognomen of vitamin F. (Vitamin F was first discovered as a part of the wheat germ oil vitamin complex; at least the term vitamin F was first used to designate the essential fatty acid fraction.)

The fact that an unsaturated fatty acid as vitamin F is a part of the E complex, probably in molecular combination, explains the close relationship between the two vitamins in their synergistic support of cell division in reproduction, in maintenance of epithelium (where cell division is also predominant), and in kidney and liver metabolism, both epithelial activities. It explains the fact that both are factors in calcium metabolism, vitamin E deficiency resulting in bone resorption8 just as vitamin F deficiency results in less calcium available to bone.

Tocopherol administration in excess also results in bone-calcium loss, just as is caused by a deficiency of vitamin E. So again we have more evidence that tocopherol is NOT the vitamin E, but rather a protector that can in excess reduce the availability of traces of the real vitamin. Now, just what IS the real function of the real vitamin E complex?

…A factor in young grass is apparently the same one as described by Dr. Weston A. Price, in the second edition of his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, which he called “Activator X” and was found only in butter from cows fed spring grass. “Activator X” seemed very susceptible to oxidation, being lost in the butter within a few months after its production. “Activator X” was shown to promote calcification and health of bones and teeth in human patients. It inhibited the growth of the caries bacillus (facto-bacillus acidophilus) completely, one test showing 680,000 salivary bacterial count before the use of “Activator X” and none after.

[Research shows] that this grass factor SUPPORTS THE DIFFERENTIATION OF SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT. Animals not getting the grass factor (but getting TOCOPHEROL) required 23% MORE time to become sexually mature.

It is highly interesting to find that tests of oleomargarine feeding to human subjects in comparison with commercial butter (having relatively low content of the fragile “X’ factor), HAD THE SAME EFFECT of failing to bring out the secondary sex characteristics: not only a delay, but a failure to promote sex changes in toto. Here are the results for children with ages up to 17 years:

160 Children were fed oleo, 107 butter, over a period of two years.

Average gain in weight on oleo for girls, 8.2 pounds. Yearly average growth in height, 2.2 inches. Girls on butter gained 6.3 pounds per year, grew 0.9 of an inch. Boys on oleo grew 2.2 inches per year, gained 8.1 pounds. On butter, boys gained 6.7 pounds, grew 1.6 inches.

A characteristic effect of castration of the child is a stimulation of growth and greater height. The investigators say the results vindicated oleo. What do YOU say?

… We all are what we are – men, women, white, black or yellow – simply because our growth and development is guided every minute by certain chemical factors in our cells, reproduced exactly in the chromosome, the real blueprints of our bodies. These factors – determinants to the geneticist – are protected by wrappings or insulating layers of a fatty nature that prevent the enzymatic digestion or damage, otherwise inevitable, to which these factors are exposed. It is well known that chromosomes are destroyed and liquefied in vitamin E complex deficiency.

These determinants even seem to be secreted into the mouth in the saliva (that probably is how it happens that salivary gland cells have extraordinarily large chromosomes) to start the alteration of food factors into tissue as quickly as possible. It is quite analogous to the attachment to a lot of incoming steel as it enters a factory, of the blueprints that direct how it is to be processed to become the finished product….

It is obvious that any interference by vitamin or other deficiency with the determinant cycle will delay or impair the normal plan of development.

Do you wonder that your instincts demand butter over oleo?

Do you wonder that since yellow butter contains more “Activator X” than pale butter, people prefer the yellow kind that comes from spring grass feeding to the cow?

It is very interesting to note how nutritional experts and “scientists” have always been found to exstole oleomargarine as equal to butter as a food. As far back as 1886, when oleo was first made, before vitamins were thought of, scientists testified that oleo was equal to butter in food value. They are still testifying, without knowing what new factors might still be found in butter which cause people to prefer it to oleo (over any period of time) even after milk and butter flavors have been added to oleo to create the best possible imitation of real butter.

Animal tests have shown oleo to better advantage than such human feeding tests as reported by Drs. Leichenger, Eisenberg and Carlson. This is, no doubt, because milk proteins have always been used in any test diet along with oleo. Milk proteins carry the trace factors peculiar to milk that oleo lacks, and these cushion the deficiency reactions. The tests are about as honest scientifically as those on aluminum salts in baking powder, where the animals given the toxic aluminum salts were also fed an antidote “sodium silicate’’ under the guise of “mineral supplement.” Dr. H. J. Deuel, testifying before the House Committee on Agriculture in connection with hearings on oleomargarine in 1948, was quizzed on this point.

Oleo has other drawbacks. It is a synthetic product, being hydrogenated vegetable fat. The hydrogenation destroys all associated vitamins or phospholipids. As it comes from the hydrogenator, it is admittedly unfit for food, has a vile odor and must be “refined.” The oleo, after the bad odors have been removed, and after flavoring with milk products to imitate butter, must then be preserved with a poisonous chemical, sodium benzoate, to keep it from again developing a bad flavor.

The use of sodium benzoate as a preservative in oleomargarine is brought to light in testimony before the official hearings on the oleomargarine tax repeal. … Note should be made that natural foodstuffs, such as butter, contain naturally occurring anti-oxidants such as the protector of vitamin E, alpha tocopherol. Presence of this anti-oxidant in butter makes it unnecessary to add synthetic and poisonous preservatives such as sodium benzoate. Oleo, however, being a synthetic product, is lacking in these natural preservatives; hence the necessity for the addition of the chemicals. No doubt the addition of vitamin E to oleo would preserve the product far better than the sodium benzoate. Vitamin E, however, is far more expensive than sodium benzoate, which explains the use of the latter instead.

Such poisonous preservatives are not commonly permitted in foods, but the flour industry and the oleo industry seem to be specially favored. It is well known that Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, the first head of the Food and Drug Administration, lost his job in 1912 because he refused to be “reached” by food manufacturers like the oleo people, who could not exist without special permission to violate the law. When he told the entire sordid story of the unspeakable corruption and malignant chicanery that exists in the food and drug operations in Washington in his book,The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law, and published it at his own expense in 1930, little attention was paid to the matter by the newspapers. Since his death a year later, the books have been eliminated from circulation, and his still-surviving widow, by her ownership of the copyright, is “sitting on the lid” by refusing to permit reproduction or quotation of any part of the book.
The penalties for using a synthetic, imitation, chemically-embalmed substitute for butter seem to be quite drastic. Some appear to be:

  • Sexual castration for the growing child, in more or less degree, with oversized females fatter and taller than the boys. (Remember, meat animals are castrated for the purpose of making them fat.)
  • Loss of ability to maintain calcified structure such as teeth and bones. Dental caries, pyorrhea, arthritis, etc., would be logical end results that would inevitably follow, especially in view of the added influence of other refined and devitalized foods. Dr. Price’s experience in curing arthritis, dental diseases and lowered resistance with good butter directly bears out this conclusion.
  • Evidence is accumulating to show that multiple sclerosis is a result of deficiencies in which vitamin E complex (as found in butter) is vitally involved. Further, vitamin E is now found to be a remedy for the disorders of menopause, showing how these deficiency diseases follow their victim through life.

    This list could be extended almost without limit – but we feel we have established our case.

    Dr. Price cites the case of an Eskimo woman, “who had had twenty children so easily that she did not bother to wake her husband when the birth occurred at night. The daughter… had very narrow dental arches and a boyish type of body build. Unlike her mother, she had a very severe experience in the birth of her only child and insisted she would not take the risk of another…. Deformity due to the poor (nutritional) status of the parents may, of course, be a mild or severe character. The narrow arches, nostrils and hips, and the susceptibility to dental caries which Dr. Price found among primitive peoples who had shifted from a good tribal food pattern to a poor civilized food pattern should be rated as mild deformities, since they handicap the individual’s ability to function without destroying his social

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