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preparing for the hearing in Court,  I solicited testimonials from sharemembers  to do with raw milk improving their health.   


My name is Vanja Brankovic. On behalf of my little, but precious family I would like to share a few words with you.  First, I would like to say that I am very limited in my writing skills.  English is my second language,  but I hope I will be able to express my thoughts and feelings, they really come from my heart.

I came to Canada 1996 from former Yugoslavia, where enjoying dairy in any form was matter of the choice.   At the open Public Markets one could by dairy products directly from the farmer who was manufacturing them.   As well, milk and other products could be purchased at any grocery store, pasteurised or unpasteurised. My family knew few favorite, trusting farmers.
I enjoyed raw milk all my life, my parents would go directly to the village near Sarajevo, where we had a weekend house, and every Sunday I would drink milk, still warm, from my favorite cow called Belka, meaning White.   She was friendly, happy, white cow with beautiful long eyelashes who was enjoying her meadow every day, choosing her own food and juicy grasses, and before the sunset she and few of her roommates would go back to their little stall to be milked.
Living there, I never experienced having milk or dairy allergy or sensitivity, until I came to Canada and started buying pasteurised milk, as the only known choice Than, it happened to me, I started getting diarrhea, I was bloated constantly, for long time not knowing where is that coming from.   After few years I was told that I am having dairy sensitivity.   What a shock!    Me,how come?
It took me some time, after a lot of reading to come to understanding what happens to that precious substance that gives life to all mammals, how it is treated, how it is enriched after being changed from its original God given form, how the poor animals are treated, kept in closed and tight environment, being sick and unhappy, treated with antibiotics, feed with whatever given, no choice on their own, just for the purpose of making more profit for the owner or corporation.   Of course, That milk has to be pasteurised, thank God... What would happen to people drinking that kind of substance from the udder full of puss?  

Then, my husband and me got our precious child Ana. After she turned one year of age she stopped breastfeeding. We started buying organic milk from Capers for her. It did not work. We tried with goat's milk. It did not work either. She constantly had diarrhea, green, mucousy stool accompanied with very bloated tummy. Finally, we gave up feeding her milk.   Only milk she knew was rice or almond milk.  How unfortunate, I remembered my happy childhood and time when I could enjoy a glass of still warm, raw milk with bread, butter and homemade plum jam. How would I love my child could have that opportunity.
After she turned two years of age, a good friend who became a shareholder at Home On The Range told me her story of happy milk-hood for her baby.  I almost jumped from joy and soon after become a shareholder myself.
After few years of not having dairy at all, I had a first glass of that heavenly tasting drink with my husband.  We waited for few days to see if I am going to have any trouble digesting it.  Nothing happened. Then,  we carefully gave first bottle to our precious child and waited for few days to see reaction.   It did not happen!  Wow, how come?   Now,  Ana is almost three and every day has raw yogurt that we make ourself, not having any digestion trouble again.

Now, I have to ask all of you, people of good will and intention.   I understand your concern for public health,  but please,   please let us have a choice.  I was so happy coming to this beautiful,  democratic country where I was told people have freedom to have what they feel and believe is best for them and their families.  It is not hurting anybody to let us drink raw milk,   it is just our only choice.   If we don't have that opportunity, that means that my daughter and I can not drink milk at all,  because either of us is not able to digest pasteurised one.  
I wish all of you would give it try yourself and experience what many of us shareholders did. Than, maybe, you would understand why we want to keep this alive so much.

Please, please, please   I have a great hope, that me and my family will be able to say: "Thank you!" 

 Branislav, Ana and Vanja


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